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THIS IS NOT A RELIGION – Bobbi Lo Produktion

Föreställningsfoto med blå textplatta med texten THIS IS NOT A RELIGION – Bobbi Lo Produktion
Foto: Alexandra Bergman

In this piece, you will experience community with the collective through untamed dance. Be uplifted and indulge in togetherness and comfort. Seamlessly, structure and form change and your intuition is put into play. This involving performance is an unexpected experience, where your notions about yourself are turned upside down.

THIS IS NOT A RELIGION, a breathtaking, immersive dance piece and the third part of Bobbi Lo Production’s trilogy on power and the abuse of power. A piece that makes space for the complex duality between the collective and the individual. Seven dancers will invite you and kindly but firmly take charge. They lead you on a journey of togetherness, in a meticulously choreographed mix of; movement, voice and very well composed music. But don’t worry, This is not a religion..


Choreography: Lava Markusson and Michael Tang 
Composer: Hans-Ole Amossen 
Dancers: Moa Autio, Matilda Bjärum, Jan Vesala, Viktor Konvalinka, Tiemen Stemerding, Lotta Sandborgh/Lava Markusson and Michael Tang.
Set design: Samal Blak 
Lighting design: Tanya Theo Johansson
Photographer: Alexandra Bergman
Film/Trailer: Diego Monsiváis

From 13 to 19 years

Time and place

13:00 - 13:50
15:30 - 16:20

Play time: 50 minutes

HIS IS NOT A RELIGION – Bobbi Lo Produktion - Trailer

THIS IS NOT A RELIGION trailer from Bobbi Lo Produktion on Vimeo.