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Bibu is owned by two organizations - ASSITEJ Sweden and Teatercentrum. The board of Bibu contains of six board members and two deputy board members, representing both the owner organizations and also representation from the professional cultural sphere in Sweden beside of the owners. Since April 2019 Måns Lagerlöf is the chairperson.

Other members of the board: Catharina Bergil (Independent), Niklas Malmcrona (ASSITEJ), Lovisa Pihl (Teatercentrum), Jonas Robin (ASSITEJ) and Anders Widell (Teatercentrum).

Deputy board members are: Lars Dahlquist (Teatercentrum) and Michael Cocke (ASSITEJ).

Administrative work, planning etc is taken care of by the project team situated in Helsingborg and led by General Managers Tanja Mangalanayagam and Liselotte Lindahl.

Members of the board

Board member
Ett foto av Niclas Malmcrona
Board member
Board member
ett foto av Lovisa Pihl
Board member
Porträtt av Theodor, man, ljus hy med långt mörkt hår och svart tröja.
Ett foto av Lars Dahlquist.
Deputy board member
Ett foto av Michael Cocke
Deputy board member

About the owners of Bibu

ASSITEJ Sweden is the Swedish branch of the international network ASSITEJ International. The members of ASSITEJ are national centres, professional networks, and individuals from around 100 countries across the world. ASSITEJ is dedicated to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people across the globe. Link to ASSITEJ SWEDEN

Teatercentrum is a national, non-profit interest organization and network of independent theatres in Sweden. It represents nearly 100 independent professional theatre companies. Together the members are engaging more than 1 200 performing arts professionals and presenting about 11 000 performances a year, for an audience of about 700 000 people, of which many are children and young people.
Link to Teatercentrum

Two actors in Estrad Norr's Törnrosa