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Weren´t You Expecting Me? Keynote Lecture with Caroline Bowditch


Caroline Bowditch is a performance artist and choreographer with many years of experience in working to improve accessibility and inclusivity within the arts both in the UK, Sweden and across Europe. Originally from Australia she returned to Melbourne in 2019 where she is currently the CEO of Arts Access Australia. 

In this keynote she will point to the fact that the presence of visibly disabled performers in performance work targeted at young audiences is incredibly rare. As a direct response to this Caroline spent time in 2017/2018 with Edinburgh International Children´s Festival taking a closer look at the impact that this may have on the live performance experience that disabled and non-disabled children have particularly looking at the effect on aspirations, self-esteem and overall perceptions of disability. During her research Caroline has talked to the industry and performance makers about their experiences, choices and identifying areas for future growth and change.

With: Caroline Bowditch, performance artist and choreographer 
This international exchange is organized with support from the International Programme for dance at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. 

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09:30 - 10:30