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Diversity and Inclusion in performing arts for children and young people within a Nordic context

In recent years there have been a number of reports released throughout the Nordic countries about diversity within the arts and culture sector. One of the most recent reports, Möjligheter, utmaningar, metoder (Possibilities, challenges and methods) published by the Swedish Arts Council in 2022, recognises that representation within the arts lacks diversity with a lack of representation particularly of those that come from minority ethnic backgrounds. The report by the Swedish Arts Council also states that there are fewer people from culturally diverse backgrounds taking part in the arts at a young age and that this has direct consequences on who gains access to further education and employment within the arts sector. This lack of diversity within the performing arts sector for children and young people could mean that some children may never see people like themselves represented on stage or experiences performances that they will resonate strongly with their own lives. 
In this seminar we will discuss how power, privilege and democracy are expressed through the performing arts for children: Who is included? Who is excluded, and who is making all the decisions?
The seminar begins with three keynote presentations from various perspectives in the Nordic countries:
Moussa Mchangama, Founder and Senior advisor at In Futurum in Denmark
Farnaz Arbabi, Artistic Director at Unga Klara in Sweden
Monica Ifejilika, Senior advisor for Diversity, inclusion & participation in the cultural sector, Kulturdirektoratet in Norway. 
Following the keynote presentations the panelists will be joined by Karin Forss from Kulturrådet and Magnus Jörgel from Region Skånes Kulturförvaltning in a panel discussing how they address inequality and work towards making the performing arts sector more culturally diverse.  

Arrangör: Bibu, Assitej Norge och Region Skånes Kulturförvaltning

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15:15 - 16:45