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I´m her(e)

The jury's motivation

We take a look into a modern girl’s room. You can be yourself here and create your own identity. An identity that can then step right out into the world via Youtube. Guided by Virginia Woolf's ‘A Room of One's Own’, Ara creates her own safe space where she lets her followers on Youtube share her thoughts, tips, ideas, furniture re-arranging and lip syncing. With a keen eye for our contemporary age and a humorous touch, PotatoPotato provides redress for all things girlie. 

Ara has skipped school for a very long time now. Because she has been given a room of her own by Virginia Woolf. One billion followers on YouTube, and Instagram can see what she does in there. She can travel wherever she wants to in the world but she doesn’t need to. She can say whatever she likes but she doesn’t. Instead she puts on make-up and proves that she can do the best lip-sync in the world. In her room she can do whatever she wants because her room has more than four walls.

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