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Food in the foyer

The foyer at Helsingborg City Theatre is the meeting place morning, lunch and evening. The restaurant Culise serves food like sandwiches, salads, coffee, beer/wine etc. in the foyer and the full course menus inside the restaurant adjacent to the foyer.

Menu in the foyer

Mellanzane (veg lasagne) 95 SEK
Chilli con carne 95 SEK
Sausage with bread 45 SEK

Baguette, veg 75 SEK
Pasta salad tomato/mozzarella (veg) 90 SEK
Potato salad & roast beef 75 SEK
Baguette with skagen (1/2 pain riche) 75 SEK
Baguette with chicken/curry 75 SEK
Baguette with cheese/ham 70 SEK

Cinnamon buns 25 SEK
Carrot cake 35 SEK
Chocolate ball 20 SEK

Coffee 20 SEK
Tea 20 SEK
Soft drinks 30 SEK
Beer Heineken 33 cl 85 SEK
Beer Heineken non-alcoholic 33 cl 65 SEK
Beer Mariestad 85 SEK
Sparkling Cava 95 SEK/glass
Bubbly non-alcoholic 75 SEK/glass
Wine white/red 95 SEK/glass
Wine non-alcoholic white/red 75 SEK/glass

Culise logotyp