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IN HELSINGBORG 14 - 17 MAY 2014    +46 72 309 15 13

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The detailed programme is now online. Read about it here. Book your biennial pass here and you can read about accommodation possiblilties here.

WE WISH YOU VERY WELCOME TO THE WORLD'S BEST BIBU.SE! is the Swedish performing arts biennial for children and youth. This is the place to be inspired by the wide range and quality of Swedish performing arts as well as by carefully selected international performances.

With an impressive selection of shows, seminars, workshops, forums and other happenings, creates a new venue for inspiration and innovation. Swedish performing arts for children are making its way as a front figure on the international stages and wants to be the oasis were national and international guests can take part in and learn more about the development and organization of new, exciting and wonderful performing arts.

Sale of tickets to 2014 opens the 14th of March. The same date we will publish the detailed programme and also the codes, which you can use when you book your hotels. always offers a selection of Swedish stage productions together with international guest performances as well as an extensive seminar programme looking out at the world and giving an insight in current research. The biennial presents inspirers as well as debaters. With a cascade of handpicked performances, discussions, lectures and workshops aspires to stimulate to reflexion and artistic innovation, laughter, fright and wow-experiences. is a place where new encounters and collaborations are possible.

And after the festival it is up to You to continue the good work and make it possible for our children and youth to experience great performing arts. Develop, manage and organize the performing arts; in everyday life, in contact with the audience, in Kiruna, Gothenburg, Vienna or Hong Kong, at school, in rehearsal studios or in the imagination.

Welcome to 14 - 17 May 2014!

Four days of performing arts for children and youth



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